Bilingual Handgun Training Video for #Ukraine and #California #2A #CCW

Emergency and tactical reloads with semi-auto handgun. Share especially with Ukrainian friends. Recent weapon bans and disarmament of militias is exactly the wrong medicine for Ukraine. Ukrainians need a government that respects their individual right to bear arms (as well as peaceable association). Russia is pushing Ukraine to disarm militias because Russia wants to invade or credibly threaten to invade. With Ukrainians trained to arms, and armed, no such threat would be credible and Russian interference would end. Instead, Ukrainian leaders are playing into Russian hands. NATO will not substantially aid a country that will not defend itself. Real countries have borders and Ukraine will be respected as a real country only when it is a people trained to arms capable of defending its borders. Until then, NATO membership is only a dream. But once able to defend itself, Ukraine may not even want or need NATO membership.


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