The Confident Introvert: The Ideal Sales Personality

There are two main types of prospects in the wealth management industry: those entirely new to the process, and those who are replacing an existing practitioner relationship. Every growing firm has the challenge of filling its sales pipeline, or client acquisition, with both types of prospects. Some prospects will come through referrals; others will be produced by a firm’s marketing efforts. Regardless, all prospects enter a selling phase in which the salesperson attempts to persuade the prospect concerning the value of the firm’s solution. The more effective the salesperson, the higher the prospect-to-client conversion will be and the steeper the revenue trajectory.

In reading the term “salesperson,” what reaction did you have? For many professional services practitioners, identification with “selling” brings negative thoughts: anxiety; discouragement; inadequacy; superficiality; rejection. The fact is, for most small- to mid-sized professional services firms, “selling” or “sales” is one of the practitioner/principal’s required roles. Yes…

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