Unpleasant Surprise for Marijuana Users and Citizenship Renunciants

Americans Renouncing Citizenship Up 221%, All Aboard The FATCA Express – Forbes.

So the number of US citizens renouncing their citizenship has more than doubled.

Remember during the LA riots, when anti-gun folks in LA-LA land, clueless about the reality of the very “gun control” measures they supported, got angry all of a sudden over mandatory waiting periods blocking them from buying guns needed to protect themselves and their families?

When it is time for another riot (many expect the real crash soon), many potheads and citizenship renunciants will be surprised to learn they are banned for life from possessing firearms. [Regardless of state law, marijuana use is banned under federal law.]

That may not matter to potheads who care only about pot, or to renunciants who move completely offshore and never come back, but those here during a riot who care about their families will wish they had more options.

Never let tax planning infringe on your lifestyle or your ability to defend it.


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