Tales from the Gypped: Horror Stories about Online Trust Providers

Over the years, I have heard/read of many horror stories, from clients and other attorneys, of people burned by online providers of “estate plans” but I have never bothered keeping track of them, until now–here is one recently posted by an attorney on a listserv:

I have a case where the decedent executed a LegalZoom trust, listed her house on Schedule A and then never executed and recorded a deed transferring the house to the trust. So far so good, file a Heggstad petition, everything should be ok.

Apparently to save money (and because LegalZoom apparently does not advise people of the importance of doing so), however, she she did not execute a pour-over will in connection with the trust. She did, however, execute a will in 1989 which apparently was never revoked leaving her estate to her then-husband (now ex-husband) and a testamentary trust for her then minor child (now an adult and the 100% beneficiary of the trust).

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